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I, like so many others, was OBSESSED with Gilt for a while – I remember when 75% of my group at work would have our trigger fingers ready at 11:59am EST to act on whenever sale we were being fed on that day.  To my delight, on May 2011, Gilt launched Gilt Taste – combining Gilt + Food + Wine = amazing.

Gilt Taste has a few great tea time offers today that I would like to bring to my reader’s attention:

Handcrafted Japanese Sugars from Chambre de Sucre – I can’t imagine a more perfect and pretty way to spice up afternoon tea then with these sugars, with different shapes and different designs, it will really put a smile on your face.

Green Tea Goodies from Kyotofu – Featuring Matcha Green Tea Nama Chocolates and a Matcha Green Tea Assortment from Kyotofu (another lovely Japanese dessert bar and bakery in the NYC), these are great to accompany a rich, delicious cup of matcha or a toasty cup of genmai cha.

RichArt Chocolates and Macarons – Assortment chocolates and macarons available from French chocolate maker RichArt.  I think chocolate goes perfectly with a nice hot cup of Harney & Sons Paris Tea which I reviewed here.