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Picture courtesy of DailyFinance.com

Tea Vs. Coffee – what is your preference?  You should all know by now what my preference is, but regardless, I believe it is hard to find a clear ‘winner’.  These are two completely different beverages, for different people, for different situations.  I found a great infographic that details some health benefits of both.

Tea is #1 consumed beverage in the world (if we don’t count water.)  In the US, tea is #6, behind, water, soft drinks, coffee, beer and milk.  Why?  Is tea too British?  According to wikipedia, tea consumption in the US dropped significantly after the American Revolution.  However, in the recent years, tea consumption has been going up.  Is Starbucks the game changer that is going to accelerate this growth even further?  Starbucks recently announced the launch of Tazo, its first tea-only store.  Can Starbucks, with their expertise in running a beverage operation and significant financial backing, turn tea drinking into the Next Big Thing?