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With summer quickly approaching and New York City experiencing record heat in the last 3 days, I thought it was appropriate to sample some icy treats inspired by tea flavors.

Here are two very different but just as delicious icy tea treats:

Green Tea Shaved Ice from Cafe Zaiya

This treat is offered at the midtown location of Cafe Zaiya at 18 East 41 Street.  It use to be a favorite lunch spot of mine, back when I toiled away at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  One of their best treats is this Green Tea Shaved Ice – alternating layers of shaved ice, their homemade green tea syrup, condensed milk and topped off with some red bean and a single, fantastic, chewy, piece of mochi.  This treat is great!  My complaints are:

  • While the price has not changed ($3.99 +tax) from 4 years ago, the size of the product has shrunk by 1/3.
  • The shaved ice is not as fluffy as I would like
  • They only give ONE peice of mochi!  I want more!

But, I will still definitely recommend this flavorful, satisfying, and cooling treat!

Arnold Palmer Slush with Strawberry Puree mix in from Kelvin Natural Slush

Kelvin Natural Slush has won numerous awards, including the 2010 Vendy Award for Best Desserts.  This is THE TRUCK you want to encounter when it is 90+ degrees out.  I sampled the Arnold Palmer Slush and selected the strawberry puree mix in.  Absolutely the most refreshing way to stay cool – this reminds me of a 7-Eleven Slurpee, only more natural, and more grown-up.  While the flavors were not as intense at the Green Tea Shaved Ice, I think the lightness of this treat makes it more refreshing.  Highly recommended!

In closing, both treats are awesome – it just depends on what you are craving!