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I was recently introduced to Dragon Well (Longjing) tea by a co-worker.  I’ve always been more drawn to partially fermented and fermented Chinese teas such as, Oolong and black teas (especially Pu-erh), respectively.  And for green teas, I’ve always gravitated towards Japanese green teas like Sencha, Hojicha and Matcha.  After tasting such a wonderful tea, I decided to find out a bit more.

What is Dragon Well tea?

It is one of China’s most famous teas, also called Longjing tea – which is a literal translation of dragon well, it is a variety of green tea that originates from Hangzhou.  Like other Chinese green teas, the leaves are roasted early in the process to stop the fermentation process.  The result is a tea that produces a very light yellowish-green when steeped.  It is a very fragrant tea with a toasty, almost buttery nose.  The taste is extremely smooth and mellow, almost sweet.  It has none of the bitterness and vegetal taste that some other green teas possess.

It is said that Dragon Well tea has a “cooling effect” so it is popular to drink in the spring and summer time.  It might seem counter-intuitive to drink hot tea in the summer, but this was the most refreshing cup of hot tea I’ve ever had.

While I was trying to find out more about this tea, I kept coming across a recipe for Dragon Well Shrimp.  It sounds really delicious, if anyone knows of a restaurant in New York City to get this dish, let me know!  P.S. I am willing to trek out to Flushing or Brooklyn Chinatown to eat this!